Clarity. Intention. Consistency. Direction.

Do those words define your small business marketing and communication efforts?



When starting AdJourney in 1999, we discovered that most small businesses either had no marketing plan, or struggled to produce a marketing and communication strategy and execute it. Most businesses still cobble together a series of loosely connected projects rather than develop an overarching plan grounded on strategy and purpose. There is no determined goal, no intention. A logo, a brochure, a few print based ads, a website, maybe radio and social media – but there is no common voice, no consistency. The messages are all over the place. There is no clarity. Advertising’s goal becomes hitting a deadline with high-lit features, contact info and a bulleted service list. No long term purposeful positioning, no branding, no direction.

With no plan, the small business owner, VPs, managers, sales and creative team members feel like they come to the Marketing table empty handed. As a result, they see little measurable results for the effort. Rather than work for the business, marketing becomes an ineffective expenditure.

If this sounds like your business, AdJourney has a solution.

Design with direction.

External Marketing Team

Based in Carthage, NC, AdJourney is an External Marketing Team that provides marketing and advertising consultation, content development, graphic design, web development and project support. AdJourney has helped small businesses and nonprofits since 1999 develop and execute effective Marketing and Communication strategies. AdJourney‘s clients are diverse in size and industry. We can be called on to deliver specific projects (from logo to website to brochures to Direct Mail to social media) or provide ongoing support for both traditional and online marketing and advertising.

For many of our clients, AdJourney has become an External Marketing Team, providing on-going strategy and creative services on a retainer basis. For less than the cost of a full-time internal marketing specialist, AdJourney can provide strategy, design, content development, marketing plan implementation and advertising management. Regardless of the scale of our engagement, AdJourney‘s intentions are simple… We want to help our clients reach their target market, communicate effectively, and gain the results desired from effective marketing.

We Listen.

A common saying is “God gave us 2 ears and 1 mouth, so we can listen 2x as much as we speak.” People come to AdJourney for solutions, but the best way we can provide a solution, is to LISTEN and discover the problems, challenges and needs of your business. We ask great questions and we give you the respect your experience deserves – by listening.

We Respond Fast.

Pressure provides the best catalyst for great creative. We at AdJourney keep the pressure on ourselves with deadlines and set goals so that we are delivering solutions in a timely manner. There is a limit of available hours in a day, but we will set reasonable time frames and accomplish your project on time.

We Own Ourselves.

There is no “powers that be” that cajole us into their agenda. It is just us. We make our schedule, we sit the meetings, and we do the work. We are AdJourney, and we own ourselves.

We Desire Success.

Many agencies measure their effectiveness by the awards they garner for their shelves. We don’t care for the limelight. Our goal is your bottom line. We want to help you grow your brand, and sell. Then sell some more… And some more after that. In turn, we sell some more. There, you see? That is success!

We Charge Reasonably.

We do not have the overhead for a large corporate office, or for putting on large public appearances, or developing training programs for rapidly turned agency hires. We simply charge you for the services you need. Not a thing more, and not a thing less. We do not believe it to be good stewardship to waste money; ours or yours.

For those who utilize our External Marketing Program, the retainer cost for Marketing Services will run you less than one full time Marketing Specialist. That is a deal.

We Know People.

There are times we have to have additional resources – uniquely talented people to help accomplish a specific task. But we do not keep them on staff. We hire as needed, professionals in their fields, so we are not paying for their on the job training to accomplish the task. Those we are hire for the job are there when we need them, and invisible when we don’t. When the job dictates it, we know people to help get the job done. People, like us, who know how to work, and aren’t afraid to roll their sleeves up and deliver.

We Are Connected.

Branding is more than podium speak, it is conversation. Social media has made that switch, affecting forever the way buying and selling transpire. The trick of effective social media, is it is not about how loud you shout, how much you say, or even having your brand name seen at every mention of #cuteKittens. It is about having ongoing, real conversations with real people that is consistent with the character and personality of your brand/business. We deliver excellent content that is on track with who YOU are.