Good design is not excessive decoration and gaudy baubles of information, but well-positioned tidbits of content that clearly and effectively communicate.

What is effective design?

Have you ever wondered what is the inherent structure, content, image selection, verbiage – that carries an advertisement, brochure, website or any other medium from the everyday, humdrum – to exceptional? Though you might not have the description established in your mind, you recognize it when you see it exemplified. Whether heard, seen, felt… regardless of how it is engaged, the experience is memorable, because it just “feels” right. So, what is effective design? It is design that accomplishes the intended purpose.

A designer knows he has achieved perfection
not when there is nothing left to add,
but when there is nothing left to take away.”
French novelist Antoine de Saint-Exupery


If you search for more information on the topic of “Marketing” – you will discover a lot of different formulas (C=4m+3v+2(i-f)-2a…), see a variety of checklists (4P’s – no, wait, is that 5P’s?) and find a lot of “stuff” to read, but probably will not come away with any clearer sense of what YOU should be doing to improve your business marketing. What you need is clarity, intention, consistency and direction. AdJourney can provide you with that. We can set you up with an overarching marketing plan grounded in strategic thinking that meets your goals, your needs, reaches your target audience and fits your budget, then support it with creative execution and project management. All of that for less than a full-time Marketing Specialist.



Design is our creative services. This is the tangible side of marketing expressed in everything from traditional to digital and web to radio, etc. AdJourney maintains your brand consistency with a refreshing take on effective communication in the channel targeted. Whether you have utilized AdJourney as your External Marketing Team, or just need us to tackle a few projects (a logo, a brochure, a social media post, an Every Door Direct postcard), we take the same care to make sure our solutions line up with your brand image and retain consistency across the myriad collection of communication pieces. AdJourney’s design goal is to address the primary concerns of the client through visually appealing solutions that effectively communicate, while maintaing consistency with the brand image.


Advertising is a purposeful engagement with paid media to communicate your specific product (goods, ideas and or services). This is where your message needs to be most clear to be effective. If your Marketing Plan is in place, you have a defined Target Audience and your messaging can be on track to properly communicate to the intended audience. If you are just placing a nice photograph with a logo, contact information and a bullet list of services – your advertising is accomplishing little more than taking up space. Advertising needs a defined purpose. It needs intention. AdJourney can help you with developing an effective advertising effort that garners the results you hoped for.

Services Overview

Whether your needs are for a single project or you are considering engaging with AdJourney as a long-term strategic partner for ongoing Marketing needs… we are here for you.

the Single Projects

Many projects have single deliverable focus – you need a logo, a brochure, a website, SEO, etc. Whether it is a one part of the Marketing Plan or one solo project you have engaged AdJourney for, our desire and goal is take into consideration the way this Single Project will fit into the whole scheme of your communication arsenal. What role will it play, what need does it address and does it strategically solve your communication need?

External Marketing Agency

Many clients are need of more than the one-off project. They want to ensure that their marketing has a strategic plan and is being properly executed for maximum brand benefit. AdJourney’s goal is to help the clients be successful in their marketing and communication efforts. We can develop a plan that meets your needs, addresses your concerns and fits within your budget. This often includes supporting their marketing infrastructure through brand identity, website, supporting print materials, and social media landing pages. AdJourney develops a marketing mix that best supports your goals, with targeted effort on a marketing calendar and supporting it with on-time execution. This service model is done on a retainer basis and provides a defined block of time allotted for each month on your projects. This service provides a documented schedule and fee structure with defined deliverables so there is clarity in execution.


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