In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.  — Aaron Rose

Image from Confectionary News

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My boys and I were picking up some groceries from our local grocery store the other day, and I noticed something different in the checkout line. Light. Light, you ask, but isn’t there always light in the checkout line? Of course, but this time there was an inconspicuous, almost hidden away addition. The light was drawing attention to those impulse items that line the checkout aisle.  The effect was subtle, but very nice.

Why “waste” a post on something so subtle? Because as simple a presentation element, the “right light” at the “right time” (checking out) made those impulse items pop. In the past, traditional shelves you KNEW were loaded with chocolates and candies galore were mostly beneath your line of vision (at least for me, being almost 6′-4″ tall) – so easy to ignore. But this new lighting made those avoidable snacks look ever so slightly – more appealing!

You may be asking – so, what do lights on impulse items have to do with marketing products and services? Good question. The concept is simple and ties into the quotation from Mr. Aaron Rose. Find the right light (story, image, video, sales pitch, etc…) that when presented (at the right time and in the right place) – helps communicate and illustrate what makes that product or service worth the target audience’s attention. Now that is not so novel of a concept, but making it applicable with an illustration (like lighting candy in the checkout line) helps get the point across.

By the way, Mars and Wrigley introduced these LED-Lit racks to boost front end confectionary sales. They say adding the lit displays, increase front-end impulse sales by 10-12%.

LED-Lit Display Racks