This week’s One Minute Marketing from AdJourney is about signage. From interior/exterior signs, billboards
to vehicle wraps – signage refers to the design or use of visual graphics to communicate a message or display information to a viewing audience. The key word there, is to “communicate.” Communicate what? Information, Instruction, or Identification. From way-finding directionals to channel-lettered place-of-business markers, signs are all about communication.

As with everything we do at AdJourney, our purpose is the effective communication of ideas and feelings for a desired response. We want to help you be effective with your marketing/ad dollars.  Contact AdJourney today to discuss your signage needs.

What about your signage?

How are you conveying your information about your business? Not just the interior markers for retail specials, out-of-order bathrooms, or away-for-lunch signs… but the signs that tell the name of your business, describe your services or indicate hours-of-operation and means to contact.

Exterior Signs

Thinking about signs…

Pay attention to the businesses you pass. Which have exterior signs that say something about them? A sign that grabs your attention, that conveys not only who they are and what they do – but conveys the message, “we are HERE to do business.”
Finished Sign
We designed a new logo for Moore Family Medicine, and designed this sign using matching brick/masonry with a planter bed, solar-powered lighting and easy-care, long lasting sign material. The sign lends presence, longevity, stability and says – we are a fixture in our community. It has an easy to read name and phone number, and is visually appealing.
We designed the logo for Barron Tile and Stone – and wanted a sign that matched the quality of the brand image. The medallion design seen above is deeply etched with the light teal-blue and white – raised. The letters beneath are 3-dimensional – and the presence unmistakeable. A very elegant solution for signage.

Vehicle Wraps

A mobile billboard for your business…

A vehicle wrap is a great way to get attention and establish brand presence. From the super-clean (as done for Barron Tile & Stone) to the more elaborate (as produced for Sandhills Heating & Refrigeration) – a well-designed wrap makes your vehicles a statement – a true mobile billboard.


Branded Sign Solution

A sign is just a sign, right?

Just as a logo is a huge aspect of business branding, so to is your signage. It represents the brand and the character of your establishment. I cringe each time I see poorly hand-written signs in retail locations. The worst was on ragged cardboard with footprints, duct-tapped, drawn up with thick-permanent marker. What pan-handler did they run down for that one?

I believe anything that communicates on behalf of your business, the “delivery vehicle” (ie – the paper, the sign, etc) should be considered a part of the message. If it is going to be a paper sign – take the time to type and print-it-off on a computer. Spell check. Make it legible. If it is a white-erase board with today’s special – make it clean and easy to read! Embellishments are fine – but secondary to the key things you are trying to convey.
My point: the medium and presentation convey as much about your brand – as the message does; give it proper consideration for proper impact.
If you really do not know what the sign conveys, either find a honest friend to ask – or give AdJourney a call. We will help your communication be effective, and your signs memorable.


Grab Attention, Convey What You Do – and FAST!

Trade-shows are about having a presence, being seen, and showing a portion of your target market what you have to offer. Signage is a HUGE portion of your show engagement. It provides identity, product/service, contact details, and most importantly – should convey WHY they should care in the first place. If you participate in the trade show industry, how to you go to market? Do you stand out? Is your booth engaging? Does your signage speak to your strongest points and draw your intended audience?

Schedule a time to have a conversation with us at AdJourney, and let us help make your trade-shows work for you.

Why bother with a sign? 

A business without a sign is a sign of no business.
From the US SBA’s website:
  • Signs are the most effective, yet least expensive, form of advertising for the small business.
  • A sign is your introduction and handshake with those passing by, identifying your business to existing and potential customers.
  • Signs are always on the job for you, advertising 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • People often judge a business by how it looks on the sign.

I think most importantly, a sign let’s people know:

  • Who you are.
  • Where you are located.
  • What you have to offer.

AdJourney has been behind the curtain for multiple excellent companies across North Carolina. We would like to help you grow your brand!